It’s About Time…

I’ve basically been in hiding now for a few weeks, sorry! So, as many of you know I’M PREGNANT!! I was holding back on writing too much about it because I just didn’t want to get myself too excited. I’m over that now, I’m freaking excited and I want everyone to know. We got to hear the sweet little heartbeat on Monday, it was perfect. We have 1 perfect little angel growing right on target. We are due on March 26 and we couldn’t be more excited.

Symptom wise things have been pretty good. I was a little nauseous for a week or two, but I didn’t throw up. My boobs have been sore and growing like crazy, and I have been ridiculously tired. I’ve also really been wanting breakfast things that I ate when I was a kid (pop tarts, cinnamon toast crunch) it’s weird, but delicious! 

Beta Results

After I got home from my beta yesterday I put 3 bottles of wine in the fridge just in case.  At 330 I got a phone call from the clinic and instantly felt sick.  I sent the call to voicemail and then listened to it after.  I didn’t  want to be a mess on the phone with anyone. My results were POSITIVE! !!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Eeeeeeek! !! I am just elated with this news.  The voicemail the nurse left was the sweetest thing ever and I plan on saving it for a while.  E wasn’t home yet so I quickly ran to the store and grabbed a few things to surprise him. 


I am nervous and excited all at the same time!  I go back in on Monday to make sure my levels are rising appropriately.  Continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


For  some reason I felt the need to still pee on a stick. Nothing is as gratifying as seeing a positive.

I was so excited when I got the news that I forgot to ask for my levels. I sent an email to the nurse and she will probably get back to me this morning. What are normal levels for this early in pregnancy?

Beta Done!

Beta is complete.  Now we wait. … I hate waiting! I should find out after 4. I asked them to leave my results on my voicemail so I could play out for E if it is positive. Eeeeeeek!


I’m Crazy

If someone were to look through my search engine at home or at work they would think I was a lunatic. I’ve gotten to the point where I just can’t help myself.. I Google EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERTYHING! I should keep a list of the random things I Google. I have gotten especially crazy in the last 4 days of the TWW.

So, tomorrow is the day, TOMORROW!!!! Holy smokes! As long as this two weeks has felt, this entire cycle has flown by. I’m excited and anxious to hear what the results are. If they are negative it will suck and I will be heartbroken, but I will pick myself off and we will try again. I’ll also drown my sorrows in a bottle or two of wine. If it is positive I will be overwhelmed with excitement and gratefulness. Either way I am excited to know.


Optimism, where did you go? ?

I’m a little down in the dumps today… I tried staying optimistic and positive, but today it is lacking a little. Yesterday I started having “period-like” cramps/ twinges. Or at least what I think is period like cramps. So naturally I began symptom spotting myself left and right. I haven’t completely counted myself out because I have read on doctor Google about many people that had similar feelings and still ended up pregnant. So my question to you all is, have any of you have “period-like symptoms” and still gotten a BFP?

Some of the other symptoms or random things I have noticed in the past few days is: a random rash on both of my upper arms. Also, when I wake up or stand up after laying down for a while my ENTIRE body aches. Sleeping sucks these past few days- I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep…Finally, I get briefly nauseous after eating. It doesn’t last long, but has been happening pretty regularly.

I’m still going to try to be as positive as possible until I get my beta results, but I don’t want to set myself up to ultimately be crushed either (I will be no matter what if it is a negative). Are any of you getting the second week crazies during your TWW?

This will be my time, this will be my time, this WILL be MY time!!!

Baby dust to you all!

It’s The final Countdown

Here we are. The final countdown. Only FOUR days left until I find out if this cycle was a deal or a dud. I am very hopeful that this is our cycle. I am also hesitant still because I have had very minimal symptoms, if any at all. I haven’t been symptom diagnosing nearly as much this cycle. For my sanity more than anything else.

The past few days I have had sudden nausea that comes out of nowhere, but goes away VERY quickly. I thought it was weird, but I am not thinking too much of it. I’m also pretty irritable and moody, but that could just be AF coming.

Operation CLEAN THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE starts tomorrow. My husband will be very happy once the house is clean. He pretty much does all of the house keeping year round, so when I am on summer break I have to pick up a little slack. We are also in the middle of a remodel. We are re-doing our master bathroom and the kitchen. I can’t wait for them to be finished.

Cheers to staying as busy as possible for the next 4 days.

1 Week Down!

Well, you read it…. I am HALFWAY through my TWW. This TWW has been a lot different than my last TWW after the IUI. I am much less stressed and obsessive. I’m also not paying too much attention to “symptoms” or anything like that. This has been both good and bad for me. Good because my day isn’t consumed with convincing myself that I am pregnant, and bad because I don’t feel like I have any “pregnancy-like” symptoms this time so I have convinced myself that I am probably not pregnant. Do any of you do this?

I think I am going to hold out again on taking a HPT and wait for my BETA. I did test my trigger a few times and it has without a doubt lasted in my system longer this time. Last time it tested out of my system in about 5 days. When I tested 8 days after the trigger this time it was still in my system (pretty light though), I haven’t tested since then though.

The second week of the TWW is generally the toughest for me. So, I am planning on doing a huge summer clean of our entire house. Much needed if I do say so myself. Hopefully this will keep me distracted and get me through the long stretch until Thursday!

Praying for my positive!


I never really know if you count the day of the IUI as day 1 or not. If so, I am 5 DPIUI, If not, I am 4 DPIUI…. TTC lingo is so difficult at times. I don’t have much of an update, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging either.

The 4th of July was a pretty tame event this year. E worked on the 4th so I just stayed home with the dog and did a whole lot of glorious nothing. It was FABULOUS! On the 5th we went to my father-in-laws for a pool party. I debated whether or not I would get in the pool. I decided not to. I did this because I honestly didn’t feel comfortable in a swim suit with my ridiculous bloating. I honestly look like I am at least 3 months pregnant right now… Does anyone else get the ridiculous bloat? I am also very proud of myself for not crying or going off on someone when they asked if we were pregnant. I was probably asked at least 20 times. I finally had to pour my water in a solo cup so people would leave me alone. GEEZE! We just kept saying, “we’re working on it”. 

Symptoms have been pretty minimal this cycle. I have had a slight pressure in my lower abdomen, sex has been a little painful, trouble falling asleep, and I got car sickness a few times (little weird). Other than that I have been pretty normal. I started my Progesterone on Saturday evening so I am sure that will be catching up to me soon.

Before my first IUI I had an awesome fortune cookie and yesterday I got another one…. “a pleasant surprise is soon in store for you”… I sure do hope so! 


My iui was yesterday and we are going to a pool party tomorrow.  What are your thoughts on swimming after the iui?  I won’t be getting in the hot tub, but getting a cold pool might not be so terrible in this Texas heat. I talked to my doctor about swimming and she said it was fine, but I get different information on dr. Google. Thoughts?

IUI 2-complete

The stupid computer wit let me update so I’m doing it from my phone.  Please excuse me if it looks funky.

Well, the title pretty much says it all… we completed our 2nd IUI procedure yesterday. The RE office called us on Wednesday and asked if the could move our appointment up from 2 to 11. We were fine with that, I was actually pretty happy about it because I think that would be closer to my ovulation time. This go around the female doctor did my IUI. I was a little hesitant at first, simply because she didn’t do it the first time… but, it made sense for her to do it because she did all of my monitoring this cycle. So that was that.

E went in before the IUI to do his deed. His numbers were a little (not much) better this time compared to last. Last cycle he had 7 million sperm and this cycle he had 7.5 million sperm with 89% motility post wash. The number still seems low to me, but the doctor wasn’t concerned with it at all. She said they like to see anywhere between 5-10 million post wash. Our egg quality was also much better this go around. Last cycle my largest follicle was 18, this cycle my largest one was around a 26 and we had 3 other juicy ones with it. The procedure itself was actually ALOT more painful than the first time. This was because she had trouble with my cervix and had to use another speculum type tool to open my cervix for the catheter- holy shit, ouch!

After the appointment we went out for some lunch and then went back home to relax. I was pretty crampy and wasn’t really up to doing anything. We had planned on BD that evening and then this morning….buuuuuuuuuuuuut that didn’t exactly work out for us. Yesterday I was just too crampy and not feeling up to it. This morning we got started, but ran out of time because E had to get to work. So hopefully at least 1 (maybe 2) of his Michael Phelps swimmers find and fertilize an egg.

and now we wait…..