Optimism, where did you go? ?

I’m a little down in the dumps today… I tried staying optimistic and positive, but today it is lacking a little. Yesterday I started having “period-like” cramps/ twinges. Or at least what I think is period like cramps. So naturally I began symptom spotting myself left and right. I haven’t completely counted myself out because I have read on doctor Google about many people that had similar feelings and still ended up pregnant. So my question to you all is, have any of you have “period-like symptoms” and still gotten a BFP?

Some of the other symptoms or random things I have noticed in the past few days is: a random rash on both of my upper arms. Also, when I wake up or stand up after laying down for a while my ENTIRE body aches. Sleeping sucks these past few days- I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep…Finally, I get briefly nauseous after eating. It doesn’t last long, but has been happening pretty regularly.

I’m still going to try to be as positive as possible until I get my beta results, but I don’t want to set myself up to ultimately be crushed either (I will be no matter what if it is a negative). Are any of you getting the second week crazies during your TWW?

This will be my time, this will be my time, this WILL be MY time!!!

Baby dust to you all!

46 thoughts on “Optimism, where did you go? ?

  1. Yes. Same here. I have read and heard that the earliest signs of pregnancy are similar to PMS/period signs. I think as long as they aren’t hardcore cramps, you’re probably fine. I’ve been sleeping so much the past two days, really tired.

  2. When I got my bfp I actually bad terrible cramping I was for sure id wake up and have my period but nothing ever came. I did have a miscarriage that cycle though

  3. I’ve had cramping since I got my first BFP at 11dpo two weeks ago today. No idea if things are okay in there, ultrasound is Thursday.
    Symptom spotting is terrible. Don’t bother! Everyone is different. Like I said, I’ve had cramping on and off for two weeks and I’ve just bit the bullet and thought good thoughts. Could be normal, could be bad. Who knows.
    Good luck in the rest of your 2ww, hun. ❀

  4. Good Luck!! I had awful period type cramping a day or 2 before my beta..it was to the point I kept running to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t bleeding. I was suspicious because I don’t usually start cramping until Im already bleeding heavy. Stay positive!!

  5. I have nothing to say about your symptoms, but am thinking tons of good thoughts for you. I am definitely getting the 2nd week crazies. It really started yesterday. Week 1 was a breeze, but I can tell that week two is going to be rough.

  6. My friend had period like symptoms for 7 days past when her cycle was suppose to begin. For seven days her tests were negative but them on day 8 she got a BFP! So it is totally possible!

  7. I’m with you on the 2nd week crazies! Trying sooooo hard not to read in to things because every person and pregnancy is different. Positive thoughts to you and all that are dealing with the crazies!!!!!!!! We WILL get our take-home babies!!!

  8. Oh man, I’ve been googling “PMS vs. pregnancy” today, too, even though I’ve googled the EXACT thing before and promised myself I wouldn’t again. I am definitely having cramps–mild for a few days and worse today. Sore boobs, too. I definitely ran to the bathroom to check for my period a few times today because I really felt like I was getting it, but I’m not even due ’til Saturday! We should both stop consulting Dr. Google. Keeping my fingers crossed for us!

  9. I had menstral-like cramps leading up to my beta tests and even weeks after as well. Honestly the only two early pregnancy symptoms I had was cramping and sore breasts. I felt exhausted after I had my positive beta. Stay positive and good luck!

  10. Last month was by far the most “period like” symptoms ever before my bfp. Although mine didn’t end in a healthy pregnancy I have plenty of friend who felt the same and had happy healthy pregnancies.

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