It’s About Time…

I’ve basically been in hiding now for a few weeks, sorry! So, as many of you know I’M PREGNANT!! I was holding back on writing too much about it because I just didn’t want to get myself too excited. I’m over that now, I’m freaking excited and I want everyone to know. We got to hear the sweet little heartbeat on Monday, it was perfect. We have 1 perfect little angel growing right on target. We are due on March 26 and we couldn’t be more excited.

Symptom wise things have been pretty good. I was a little nauseous for a week or two, but I didn’t throw up. My boobs have been sore and growing like crazy, and I have been ridiculously tired. I’ve also really been wanting breakfast things that I ate when I was a kid (pop tarts, cinnamon toast crunch) it’s weird, but delicious! 

34 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

  1. Yay! I’m so happy to hear from you and that all is good! Congratulations hon ❤ Can't wait for your next update!

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